Disability Benefits Must be Extended Indefinitely – STOP the Reviews!

Several claimants being supported by ECAP recently received letters informing them that either their Personal Independence Payment or their Employment and Support Allowance award was to be reviewed. This news is bad enough at any time, as the review could result in your benefits being reduced or cut completely – but it’s even worse during a pandemic when it’s much more difficult to access support, or contact medical professionals to obtain evidence.

ECAP says – all scheduled reviews for disability/ sickness benefits like Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance should be completely suspended during the pandemic, and the benefits extended indefinitely, on top of the nine month extensions the Government is implementing for PIP claimants. Reviews were suspended during the first wave of the pandemic and the situation right now is worse in many ways. (Virtually no welfare rights services and claimants solidarity groups can currently offer face-to-face appointments, just support by phone and email.)

Read more over on the ECAP website.