Linking struggles and opposing the SNP in Dundee


Ninewells Hospital Porters Support Group – Launch Press Statement 15/05/15

At the initiative of local campaigning group Dundee Against Welfare Sanctions, a representative of the striking Ninewells Porters was welcomed to a meeting to set up a Ninewells Porters Support Group.

Full support for the Ninewells Porters struggle was expressed and solidarity actions planned, including a protest at the SNP Office on Glamis Road when SNP Health Minister Shona Robison has her surgery next Friday.

The meeting was updated on developments in the Porters Strike and went on to discuss suggestions for raising the profile of the Porters Strike. The Support Group will seek to build wider understanding of the issues in the community, amongst other workers and amongst the unemployed.


19/05/15: About this photo… it says it all! Hmmm! that’s an awfy interestin’ bus! ‘ SNP-Pay the Porters, Save Menzieshill High!, Cover Welfare Sanctions!’ Did ye hear anything there…like 300 folk marchin’ past shouting that…or a yer ears made o’ tweed ‘n aw SNP MP Chris Law!

Ninewells Porters Support Group – Press Statement 21/05/15

At a post election discussion last night- Wednesday 20 May- Dundee Against Welfare Sanctions, who initiated the Ninewells Porters Support Group, called for the fullest support for a protest picket to be held at SNP Health Minister’s Friday surgery. 2-3pm 22 May Old Glamis Road.

The call was supported by the Scottish Unemployed Workers Network which included SNP members, supporters and voters. Porters supporters, campaigners against Welfare Sanctions and campaigners against the SNP council’s decision to close Menzieshill High, will all gather at the Old Glamis Road offices of the SNP to call for support for the strikers’ case and their own campaigns.

The Ninewells Porters Support Group recognises the just demands of the strikers against Low Pay and calls on all campaigners to unite to oppose poverty pay, welfare sanctions and council cuts.

We challenge the SNP who were massively elected on an anti- austerity platform to turn their words into deeds. Pay the Porters Now!

11357107_911293998914140_2624756095454187266_o 905997_911293588914181_5314002371840362017_o

22/05/15: Great day out today wee the porters, Great picket of the SNP offices, very vocal and straight to the point. PAY THE PORTERS, STOP THE SCHOOL CLOSURE, STOP WELFARE SANCTIONS. Shona Robison has agreed to meet with porters representatives on Monday 25th of May. The strikers are under no illusions. We say DIRECT ACTION FROM HERE ON IN!

Excellent, noisy, militant protest for the Ninewells Porters. Meeting suddenly scheduled for Monday morning with Robison! Unity and support from DAWS, SUWN, SSP, SP, Class War, RIC, RCG/FRFI and even the Labour Party! The protest was reminded that while the SNP are trying to close Menzieshill High, it was the Labour council that closed Linlathen High 20 years ago. The open mike meant everyone could have a shout at the SNP, to put the question: ‘Where is your anti- austerity now!’ Porters want to be back next week, let’s hope we don’t have to be back and that victory is achieved very soon. Good point made by Andy D. that the NHS is our NHS and we vote to pay the porters! They are out in the town centre tomorrow, Boots Corner, 12-2pm. All out for the Porters! Low Pay- No Way! SNP! Pay the Porters Now!

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